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BILDCO Aerated Concrete LLC is a subsidiary of:

The company was established in 2010 at the heart of Dubai industrial city.

BILDCO aerated concrete products is one of the largest thermalite block companies in UAE, having an area of 465,854 Square feets. The company has become one of the leading manufacturers of autoclave concrete products in UAE and it has the fully automatic plant with state of the art technology from MASA-HENKE Germany, capable of producing more than 1000 cubic meters per day.

BILDCO Aerated Concrete Products LLC has its own in house testing laboratory and follows a strict safety and quality control procedures that covers the whole process from manufacturing stage to delivery and it has its own fleets to transport the material all over UAE within the time frame.


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Our Vision:

BILDCO aims to become the universal leading supplier of affordable, high quality and environment friendly products by means of company values through self reliance, dedication and team work. Our team is dedicated to work together to achieve company’s goal within the time frame and of best quality.

Our Mission:

BILDCO has pledge to provide high standard quality products, high level service and satisfaction to the customer’s first choice as a supplier of building materials. 

Our Value:

We value diversity, transparency, integrity, mutual respect, team work and continual development. We provide best values to customers through continuous improvement. We establish a system of people development. 

What we do

Protecting Your Future.


The autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) material was developed in 1920 in Sweden. It has become one of the most used building materials in Europe and rapidly growing in many other countries around the world.

Autoclaved aerated concrete is a lightweight, load-bearing, high-insulating, durable building product, which is produced in a wide range of sizes and strength.


BILDCO’s AAC blocks have more than four hours fire rating which is more than twice the amount of achieving by normal block. The particularly suited for fire wall and fire protection of structural steel and have been certified by Dubai Municipality.

Sound insulation

BILDCO’s AAC blocks possess an excellent sound reduction capacity and meet all building code requirements. Their non-interconnected aerated cellular structure gives very low air porosity, providing signicantly excellent sound absorption characteristics, resulting in calmer, more comfortable internal building environment for occupants. They also reduce the eco effects in empty rooms.

Easy workability

BILDCO ACC blocks are easy to cut into any shape and they can be drilled, nailed, slotted, grouped and quickly installed. It results in less wastage. Due to its workability, AAC blocks are installed/fixed more than two times the square footage of AAC than that of regular masonry application in the same period of time, giving a dramatic saving and rate of installation.

High thermal insulation

External heat surrounded buildings directly affect the use of energy for heating and cooling. BILDCO AAC reduces reliance of heating and cooling applications and it gives a comfortable environment with lower heating and cooling costs inside the building and it saves cost and energy.

Light weight

BILDCO’s AAC blocks are light weight and nearly one-third the weight of normal hollow concrete block and half of a light weight concrete structure and foundation of building.

Compressive strength

BILDCO’s AAC blocks have an average compressive strength minimum 3,2n/mm2 to which is superior to most of the light weighted blocks and much stronger than other products of the same density.


BILDCO’s ACC blocks has provided its durability under extremely different climatic and chemical conditions. It means very low building maintenance, saving considerable time and money over the life of the building.

Air and water resistance to air and moisture penetration than the traditional masonry blocks due to its cellular and discontinuous microstructure.

Environment friendly

BILDCO’s AAC blocks are made from purely mineral based natural materials such as sand, lime, cement and water. they emit no pollutants and create no by products or toxic waste.


AAC offers incredible opportunities to increase building quality and at the same time reduced costs at the construction site. AAC is produced out of a mix of pulverized silica sand, lime, cement, gypsum, water and aluminum and is hardened by steam curing in autoclaves. As a result of its excellent properties, AAC is used in many building constructions, for example in residential homes, commercial and industrial buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels and many other applications the construction material AAC contains 60% to 85% air by volume.

We have 40 years experience in Construction.


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Dimensions and technical data

1- dimensions:

BILDCO’s AAC blocks are available in various dimensions and densities. Customized dimensions are produced as per projects requirements.

Dimension for external & internal walls 200 height block

size PCS/M 1.8 meters height 2.2 meters hight
M3/bdle Pcs/bdle M3/bdle Pcs/bdle
600x50x200 166.67 2.16 360 2.70 450
600x100x200 83.33 2.16 180 2.64 220
600x150x200 55.56 2.16 120 2.70 150
600x200x200 41.67 2.16 90 2.64 110
600x250x200 33.33 2.16 72 2.64 88
600x300x200 27.78 2.16 60 2.52 70

Dimension for external & internal walls 250 mm height blocks

size PCS/M 1.8 meters height 2.2 meters hight
M3/bdle Pcs/bdle M3/bdle Pcs/bdle
600x50x200 133.33 2.16 288 2.64 352
600x100x200 66.67 2.16 144 2.64 176
600x150x200 44.44 2.16 96 2.70 120
600x200x200 33.33 2.16 72 2.64 88
600x250x200 26.67 2.16 56 2.70 72
600x300x200 22.22 2.16 48 2.52 56

Our Projects

Efficient, innovative and quality solutions.

Al Khalidiya Tower

Miral Project

Yas Mall

Baniyas School

Mosque in Family Park Abu Dhabi

ADCS Oil Gas

Qasr El Hosn Building

Hill Wind Farm

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