At Abu Dhabi National Building Material Co. (Bildco), we take our commitment to sustainability seriously and contribute in our own way to protect the environment and promote a greener planet.

Some of our best practices in environmental sustainability are as follows:

  • To save on water consumption, lime water from SembCorp, a water treatment company at Qidfa, Fujairah is collected and recycled for production of paver.
  • Iron dust is collected from a local company to be used as raw material in the production of interlock.
  • The water used for curing some variety of blocks is reused in the kerbstone cutting machine to reduce the friction on the blade during the process.
  • To conserve energy, we have replaced all the lights in our offices and factories with LED.
  • Window air conditioners at the factory are replaced with split units.
  • Recycled paper is used for office stationery.