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Interlock Services

Abu Dhabi National Building Materials Co. (BILDCO) can help you discover new inspirational ideas to create a wide spectrum of designs for your driveway and patio areas. They are available in seven colours; grey, red, black, green, yellow, tan and beige blocks. BILDCO paving blocks are manufactured to high standard requirements offering a distinctive and worthwhile investment for your project with low maintenance and a superb appearance.

Fast & Effective

Our custom solutions can be delivered quickly, integrate with your existing systems, are easy to install and simple to use.

Minimise Downtime

Protect your team with high quality, robust solutions which are built to last for decades, even in the harshest environments.

Global Support

Our large global network of employees and trusted safety partners ensure your individual safety needs are fully supported around the world.

Innovation & Expertise

Our engineering team and automation safety experts offer a friendly, collaborative approach to innovative co-developments using the latest technologies.


Our Construction services are offered for both residential and commercial projects. Having our own construction team in house means that you get a well crafted and rounded team to be able to deliver high quality projects both on time and on budget design.

From Initial Design Consultation to Design Development to all necessary council permits and construction documentation, our architects are here to help you achieve your dream project. We listen to your needs and budgeting requirements and design accordingly from first meeting right through till the final product.

Interlock paver installation

The installation of your project is performed by our construction team of landscape interlocking technicians, horticulturists, stone masons, and carpenters.


Our management understands the unique logistic constraints of construction. We understand and manage the needs of each project.


Early involvement in the design process allows to synthesise design ideas with construction methodology. Creating a strategic program to deliver the best result for your project.


If costs are too high, the project is not viable – too low and risks compromising the quality. At early stages of the project we offer our costing service to ensure the brief matches budget,drawing on historical data, experience and quantitative measures.

We have 40 years experience in Construction.


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Al Khalidiya Tower

Miral Project

Yas Mall

Baniyas School

Mosque in Family Park Abu Dhabi

ADCS Oil Gas

Qasr El Hosn Building

Hill Wind Farm

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