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BILDCO Cement Products LLC

Over the past 20 years BILDCO cement products has the honor to contribute in the growth and building infrastructure of Abu Dhabi and all over UAE establishing a solid reputation as an innovative and quality conscientious company in construction field. BILDCO cement products provides a range of benefits and solution to our customers through our extensive and diverse range of quality cement products. BILDCO cement products is a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National company for building materials which is a national public share holding company, established by highly respected UAE nationals since 1974.


Why choose BILDCO Cement Products LLC

Our Vision:

BILDCO aims to become the universal leading supplier of affordable high quality and environment friendly products by means of company values through self-reliance, dedication and team work. Our team is dedicated to work together to achieve company’s goal within the time frame and of best quality. 

Our Mission:

BILDCO has pledged to provide high standard quality products, high level service and satisfaction to the customer’s first choice as a supplier of building materials. 

Our Value:

We value diversity, transparency, integrity, mutual respect, team work and continual development. We provide best values to customers through continuous improvement. We established a system of people development. 

Paving stones :

Masonry blocks :

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

high quality cement suitable for most building purposes. Our OPC meets the following specifications: BS EN 197-1:2000; ASTM C150 Type I Cement and CEMI 42.5 N.

High Sulphate Resistant Cement (SRC)

engineered cement suitable for exposure to high sulphates in soil or water. Recommended for use where concrete is in direct contact with soil with high salt content or seawater. Our SRC conforms with BS 4027 and ASTM C150 Type V Cement.

How Cement Is Made

Join us for a short tour to experience how cement is made: starting with the extraction of raw materials and ending with the finished product.
Moderate Sulphate Resistant Cement (MSRC)

mainly for use where concrete comes in contact with soil containing moderate sulphate content. Our MSRC conforms to ASTM C150 Type II Cement.

Portland Limestone Cement (PLC)

an inter-ground clinker with limestone to manufacture cement similar to OPC which is mainly used for finishing applications. Our PLC is high strength and similar to OPC and conforms with BS EN 197 -1:200, CEMII/B-L 32.5R.


Al Ain Cement Factory produce OPC and SRC clinker for domestic sale and export.

We have 40 years experience in Construction.


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Efficient, innovative and quality solutions.

Al Khalidiya Tower

Miral Project

Yas Mall

Baniyas School

Mosque in Family Park Abu Dhabi

ADCS Oil Gas

Qasr El Hosn Building

Hill Wind Farm

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